Location: Takaka

During 2003-2004 we carried out an exploration drilling project at Sams Creek near Upper Takaka.

This project is a helicopter supported drilling operation at Sams Creek in the Cobb Valley near Upper Takaka.

As well as carrying out the drilling programme with rigs designed and built by Alton Drilling we have built the drilling platforms, camp huts, and rig huts to a high standard. With up to three rigs running on double shifts we can accommodate a large team of experienced staff in modern camp facilities.

Two Alton HD900 Rigs have been used for the main drilling programme and a man-portable rig has been purpose built for a series of shallow holes on the top of the ridge. We are able to support our remote drill sites with our Robinson R22 Helicopter flying in supplies, fuel, and materials as required.

Due to the remote location, a small camp was set up in the bush where our drillers lived during the duration of the contract. The drilling rig and equipment were flown in by helicopter.

Sams Creek