Location: Central Otago


This drilling programme in Central Otago was conducted in the middle of winter.

The remote sites were under Historic Places restrictions, and we were able to conduct the drilling within the strict environmental requirements, leaving no footprint on demobilising. We used tracked Marooka rigs which proved ideal for access to these sites in winter conditions.

We have also built and supplied a small air-core rig for ongoing drilling in the area. This rig was custom built for the client, and is able to drill to 70m.

Glass Earth

From 2006 to 2008 Alton Drilling was involved in a 10,000m drilling project between Taupo and Rotorua with gold exploration company, Glass Earth.

Alton Drilling met all targets and made excellent progress.

Drill holes were generally inclined HQ diamond hole from surface to a depth of approximately 500m. Downhole surveys were carried out every 50m.

We utilised our HD900 rig mounted on a Rubber Track Marooka and our Hitachi Rod Carrier for this particular job as they provided minimum ground disturbance and easy tracking around the site and between holes.

Serpentine - Glass Earth