LT140 Man Portable

The LT140 is a revolution in exploratory drilling. This modern drill is a full featured drill with all of the features to be expected on a full size rig but with the capability of being broken down into components no heavier than 100kg. This allows for exploration in areas unreachable before. Outfitted with the top quality components the LT140 is sure to meet your remote drilling expectations. Capable of drilling 170m with N size drill rod and a top drive side shifting head allowing for easy and fast core retrieval.

Performance Specs

Height 4.9m
Width 1.2m
Length 3m
Weight Breaks down to less than 100kg per component
Depth Capacity 200m
Rod Pull Length 3m
Max Torque 476Nm
Max Speed 1400RPM
Drill Rod Size B-P
Main Hoist 11.46kN
Feed Ram Stroke 3.6m


The LT140 man portable rig uses quality components which include; Braden Winch, Kubota Engine, Rexroth Hydraulics.
The Drivehead has been specially designed to be small and compact, while not compromising strength and ability. The drivehead can be used for both air core and wireline drilling, and also utilizes a floating spindle design for easy connections to drill rod.

The LT140 also uses a three piece mast, with the largest piece of the mast only 2.4m long. This allows for ease of transport through tight locations while also giving the operator the option of using a shorter mast if required.

Standard Features

  • Control Panel
  • LT140 Air Core and Wireline Core Drivehead
  • Foot Clamp
  • Braden Winch and Kubota Engine

Add-ons / Options

  • Up to 2 engines are available to double Kw and Nm available
  • Optional BG4 with 4000Lbs Hook Load

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