Sort: Underground Drilling Services

Underground Drilling Services

We are currently the only mineral exploration company to own and operate designated state-of-the-art underground drill rigs. We currently employ...

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Sort: Rig Manufacturing

Rig Manufacturing

We specialise in manufacturing exploration rigs and its auxiliary equipment to suit a wide range of applications. Using our extensive...

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Sort: Rig Design and Refurbishing

Rig Design and Refurbishing

Design Specialising in custom rigs for specific applications. Our engineering capabilities combined with extensive drilling experience allow us to design...

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Sort: Parts Supply

Parts Supply

Our key agencies are Braden Winches, American Manufacturing Mud Pumps, and Hayden Diamond Bits. Drilling items we can supply include:...

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Sort: Equipment and Hut Manufacturing

Equipment and Hut Manufacturing

Equipment We manufacture a large range of drilling equipment for exploration purposes including pumps, winches, drill masts, and many other...

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Sort: Drilling


One Stop Shop We offer a comprehensive drilling contracting service with the ability to provide experienced staff, purpose built rigs,...

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