Location: FIji

Newcrest/Namosi Joint Venture

Operations commenced in August 2018 through to April 2019 Alton Drilling Ltd. carried out an exploration project copper/gold in Fiji. Drilling 2500mtrs over 11 holes. All holes were drilled to targeted depth of up to 500 meters.

After negotiations with land owners, it was agreed that this site was no dig area so an SRU unit was used to recycle water and capture cuttings. A comprehensive mud programme was implemented to reduce artesian flows as all water onsite had to be contained without the use of inground sumps.

Due to the remote location of the project Alton Drilling Ltd it was a requirement to supply a full-time paramedic onsite 24/7.

With operations running through Namosi’s wet season, with an annual rain fall averaging approximately 9mtrs a year river crossing, and employee safety was paramount.

A full ongoing comprehensive training programme for all employees onsite was provided for the duration of this project, including Safety, drilling techniques, cementing/grouting, housekeeping, mud usage and maintenance on equipment.

Due to the wet and muddy environmental conditions an Alton Drilling Ltd track mounted HD900 was used fitted with the latest guarding and above head rod break out unit to eliminate stilson use.

The team was housed on site within the Newcrest camp. The project was finished on time and within budget. Most importantly the project was completed with zero LTI free days.

Alton Drilling Ltd would like to thank Newcrest for all their support through an enjoyable project, all the on-ground staff running the rigs, the kitchen staff, and the management team in Fiji and New Zealand.

Newcrest/Namosi Joint Venture